Software Developer

Company Name:
Job Description:
Software Developer
Experience: Entry Level - Junior Developer
Do you enjoy solving complex problems? Do you like being innovative and have your ideas heard? If so, MVS USA is the place for you!
MVS USA is a leader in satellite communications worldwide. We've been providing services all over the globe for over 20 years!
Your Role:
You will be exposed to many challenges and you will provide creative solutions. You should be able to translate any problem into a solution using code. When you find yourself stuck, you have the ability to find your own solution from Google, books, semminars, and such. Be curious! You'll be exposed to almost every technology being used in the real world. If the latter excites you, you might be the perfect fit!
The Workspace:
You will be working on a team of 3 (one of the developers works remotely). You'll be surounded by excecutives and attend meetings together where everybody (including you) pitch ideas for the sake of improving what we are working on. Everybody is very friendly here! Also, you'll get your own office space.
- 0-2 years of experience developing in a professional environment or equivalent (your personal hacks do count).
- Good understanding of OOP.
- Knowledge of MySQL/MongoDB, PHP/Python, Javascript, JQuery, JSON, AJAX.
- Schema design.
- You enjoy tweeking the CSS until the page looks perfect.
- Mobile web development experience.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
- Being able to integrate 3rd party plugins.
- Unit testing.
- Familiarity with REST and SOAP.
- CMS experience.
- Experience writing APIs.
- Design patterns.
- Know how to write documentation.
- Data Structures.
- Knowledge of Java, C++, C#.
- Experience with MVC frameworks for both front end and back end.
- Anything new to us that you enjoy using! We are technology agnostic.
- Android/iOS development
Technologies we like:
- CodeIgniter
- Python
- Javascript
- JQuery
- AngularJS
- MonogoDB

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